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Matthew Gardner, Counsellor, Victoria, BC

“In 15 years of working with Clinical Counsellors in both a professional and personal setting, I have never come across a more talented, compassionate, knowledgeable, straight-up and natural clinician. Matt has an innate passion and desire to problem-solve and help those seeking to make change or work on and through life’s challenges. He is the best listener I have ever encountered. He has a way of working you through each issue without judgment, and his lack of ego makes his ability to point out the obvious, or ask the hard questions, seem kinder. With his natural passion and talent, his knowledge and desire to learn and his ability to explain the confusing, both verbally and written, I am convinced Matthew will soon become a household name, not unlike Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Maté. I would pay to see Matthew speak, I will read his books, and he is now my number-one recommended counsellor. By far!”

“I am so glad that I have Matthew as my counsellor. Thoughtful, caring and dynamic, in my opinion he embodies all the qualities of a great therapist and genuine human being. I would highly recommend Matthew to anyone, for any type of counselling, even if you ar not sure about what you need help with. Matthew is able to adapt to different issues by changing his methods as the need arises. Working with a professional, like Matthew, who is able to use several types of therapy to help hiis clients is fantastic.”


“I found my sessions with Matthew to be relaxing, illuminating, and productive. Relaxing, because Matthew’s calm and empathic manner allowed me to be totally at ease with him. Illuminating, because through his careful and competent instructions I was able to enter a place where I could speak, open up, establish an awareness, and see myself from a different and helpful perspective. And productive, because the methods that Matthew uses can easily be taken into everyday life and applied. Matthew’s professionalism, compassion, and knowledge create a safe and nurturing environment which fosters the opportunity for self-exploration and change. Under his guidance, I experienced transformative breakthroughs which freed me from patterns that had been plaguing me for years. I highly recommend Matthew to anyone who desires lasting change in his or her life. Sessions with Matthew are life-changing.”

” Matthew definitely is a very skilled therapist, with a great depth of compassion and knowledge. I appreciated his gentle nature and his ability to facilitate self discovery and change. I would highly recommend Matthew.” O.M.

“I never thought that counselling would work, but it surprises me how much better I feel. Thank you so much. I’ll definitely contact you again if I need to.”

“I sensed shortly after meeting Matt that he had a sincere desire for me to get better. The GO DEEPER. SEE CLEARER. LIVE BETTER. philosophy is a truth. I find him easy to talk to; he listens without judgement and asks kind thoughtful questions that have inspired me to address my humanness. His suggestions reflect a passion for his profession and a level of genuine care.” A.B.

“Matt is a great counsellor; he inspires, creates and maintains a mutual trust.” L.V.

“Matt is a person that genuinely cares and respects his client. I would suggest him as a counsellor to anyone who is trying to find the peace they are missing in their life.” C.V.

“Matt is highly professional and empathetic. His easy going personality really provides for a safe and comfortable environment that allows for self-discovery and clarity.” K

“I have been very pleased with the counselling sessions I have had with Matthew Gardner. Having a sense of connection, and a balance of professional manner and casual rapport, is important to me, and I found these in our sessions, along with a great depth of understanding. Matthew continues to be a great source of reflection on matters of relationships, grief and feeling grounded in life.” B.Y.

“Matthew seems genuinely interested and skilled in helping me get to the bottom of what’s troubling me. He also reminds me of the strengths and achievements there. This helps me be more fully myself and enjoy/contribute to society. Thanks Matthew, and best of luck.” A.G.

“Matthew’s compassionate support and guidance helped me through a very difficult time.” T.H.

Three years ago I started meeting with Matt, and the impact on my life has been drastic. I have been able to tackle addiction, emotional pain and a marriage breakdown, and am here as a stronger father, more balanced man and better partner to my wife. Thank you Matt I will cherish our meetings and our relationship.


“It has been my experience as a business owner that THE most challenging and difficult area to manage is human resources.  I had two senior employees, both with strong personalities and work ethics but different styles, at huge odds with each other and it was creating a hostile atmosphere in the office and an untenable position for ownership. Something had to give.  I reached out for help to Matthew. He came to our office as mediator and worked with these 2 employees and after a very short time, they are in a place of mutual respect and trust with other, leaps and bounds ahead of where they have ever been.  The office is happy again, and productivity is up. I am very satisfied with Matthew and would certainly call him again if I needed, and recommend him to other employers with employee conflict issues.  Thank you! ”