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Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is especially helpful in dealing with crises and difficult life transitions, depression and unhappiness, stress and anxiety, grief and loss, trauma, and addictions.

 If I see you as an individual, my goals are to:


• provide a safe, supportive and private space in which your healing journey can unfold
• allow you to feel heard, understood, and accepted for who you are
• foster a collaborative relationship built on mutual trust and respect
• identify and build on your strengths, increasing confidence and self-esteem
• offer you new skills, tools and perspectives that will last a lifetime
• help you understand your situation, thoughts, feelings, actions and needs with greater clarity
• find the best possible combination of counselling strategies to fit your unique needs, goals, values,  personality and circumstances
• go deeper into the root causes of your issue, to bring about lasting change
• uncover all the possible resources, options, and solutions available to you
• help you find hope, meaning, purpose and happiness in life
• foster personal growth, enabling you to realize your full potential


The rate for one hour is $150 plus GST.