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Counselling and Therapy For Men

Does the following description sound like you (or your husband/partner)?

• You feel like you’ve never really grown up

• You fear and avoid serious discussions with your wife/partner, especially when feelings are involved

• Your relationship with your wife/partner is breaking down

• You have trouble handling responsibility

• You feel stressed, unhappy, frustrated, dissatisfied, bored or angry, but don’t know why

• You’re not sure what you feel, except that something is wrong

• You’re drinking, smoking pot or using other drugs as a way to cope

• You spend too much time playing video games, watching sports, looking at porn, or drinking beer with buddies

If so, you are certainly not alone. Many men feel that way. The good news is that, with counselling, you can change and life will get a lot more fulfilling. But you’re unlikely to do it on your own. Let me help.

I specialize in helping men just like you. I am experienced working with:

• Emotional challenges • Stress and anxiety • Relationship issues • Communication • Addiction and substance abuse • Parenting • Anger management • Problem solving • Trauma

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The good news is you can change, and life will get a lot more fulfilling.