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Go Deeper. See Clearer.
Live Better.


Life is beautiful. But it’s also challenging, unpredictable, constantly shifting, and packed with unavoidable hardships. However strong and flexible we may be, we all encounter times of crisis when our usual coping strategies prove inadequate. Interestingly, the Chinese character for ‘crisis’ is comprised of seed syllables that mean ‘danger’ and ‘opportunity’. Anguish serves a purpose: it compels us to change. And though change is usually difficult, frightening and painful, it is also necessary for us to grow toward happiness and the realization of our full potential. A crisis announces the beginning of a new phase in our journey, an opportunity to find a new road, leading to a more authentic, rewarding and meaningful life. My job as a counsellor is to help people negotiate the dangers of a crisis, and seize the unrecognized opportunities they conceal.

When things fall apart, it frequently takes us by surprise. This is because, like the iceberg pictured, most of what is really going on in our lives remains hidden beneath the surface. I can help you go deeper into your past, present and future, exploring your unique personality, circumstances, values, goals and dreams, so that you can grow to see yourself and your life journey with greater clarity, and work toward a happier future that is more in tune with the real you.

If you feel dissatisfied or unfulfilled by your life, joyless, overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, or just plain unhappy, these are signs that something is wrong. I urge you to act now: waiting until you hit the iceberg before changing direction will only cause unnecessary suffering. I can help you explore beneath your life’s surface, see the bigger picture, figure out what you need to make life more fulfilling, and establish a plan of action to get the future you want.

I can help you explore beneath your life’s surface and see the bigger picture.